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Fri, 21 Jul 2006 05:30:04 GMT

Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 1   Mainstream media
  Pulsar para acceder.  New York Times
  Pulsar para acceder.  NBC News
  Pulsar para acceder.  CNN
  Pulsar para acceder.  ABC Australia
  Pulsar para acceder.  NPR podcasts
Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 1   By geography
  Pulsar para acceder.  The Netherlands
  Pulsar para acceder.  New York City
  Pulsar para acceder.  Minnesota
  Pulsar para acceder.  Hawaii
  Pulsar para acceder.  Canada
Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 1   New branches
  Pulsar para acceder.  New York Times podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  NBC News podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  CNN podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Dutch podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  New York City podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Minnesota podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Hawaiian podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Canadian podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  ABC Australia podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  NPR podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Agriculture podcasts
  Pulsar para acceder.  Philosophy podcasts
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   New branches from mail list
    Comentario  These branches were posted on the podcast-direct mail list, and recorded by Rob Safuto.
    Pulsar para acceder.  Mail-list submitted branches
Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 1   Software for Podcasting
  Comentario  Creating podcasts
  Comentario  Listening and watching
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   Directory viewing/editing
    Comentario  Viewing
    Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 3   Editing
      Pulsar para acceder.  OPML Editor (Windows, Mac)
      Pulsar para acceder.  Buzz (Linux)
Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 1   About this directory
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   Endorsements
    Comentario  Jon Watson: "The existing directories have become ad-laden vote-getting slums where a few users rule the roost."
    Comentario  Harold Gilchrist: "I fully endorse and support [the] reboot..."
    Comentario  Scoble: "PodTech.net will kick in $100."
    Comentario  Eric Rice pledged $100 to help get it re-started.
    Comentario  Dana Gardner: "Dave Winer and a burgeoning chorus of supporters are proposing a fresh go at a community directory for podcasts. What an excellent idea."
    Comentario  Todd Cochrane supports trying again with the community podcast directory.
    Comentario  Ray Slakinski would like to see the community podcast directory breathe again.
    Comentario  Bob Goyetche is maintaining the Canadian podcast directory.
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   Community Resources
    Pulsar para acceder.  Mail list
    Pulsar para acceder.  Technorati
    Pulsar para acceder.  Wiki
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   Technical Resources
    Pulsar para acceder.  OPML 1.0 spec
    Pulsar para acceder.  OPML 2.0 spec (draft)
    Pulsar para acceder.  OPML validator
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   Philosophy
    Comentario  Open and free. All the data for the new directory will be published, and can be rendered by anyone for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.
    Comentario  Non-commercial. You can put ads on a rendering. If they don't like the way you're rendering the directory, they can switch to another rendering. But you can't put ads in the directory itself.
    Comentario  Linkrot is inevitable. Pointers into the directory will go bad over time. Editors are free to reorganize when necessary, but please, not just for the sake of reorganizing.
    Comentario  Multiple editors. No one has exclusive ownership of a branch for all time. Let's work on ways to join branches so that multiple people can contribute, so no one point of view dominates.
  Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 2   History
    Comentario  The early days
    Pulsar para mostrar/ocultar nivel 3   Rebirth
      Pulsar para acceder.  Announcement, 7/21/06.

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